Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New updates !

Assalammualaikum, Hello everyone!
I realised that I have sort of abandoning this blog shop for a while , due to time constraint. So, after a little while.. I have decided to get back on track by bringing in more fashionable items at reasonable prices :)

Thank you for all who have been supporting me, and Oh!MissRhapsody. I really appreciate it so much!
So, I'd like to hear from you girls. Should you have any suggestions on how I can improve this blog shop, or what you would like to shop, etc, anything really, please feel free to drop by the Contact Me section. Even if you just wanna say hi, please feel free to do so :) I'll definitely make time to reply to the email sent .


XOXO! See you soon on the next update!! :)
p/s : Estimated date for next update - 8th February. (subject to change)


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